It CAN be simple to go mobile

GoMoIf you have a website for your business, then I’m sure you’ve been told a dozen different times that you need to be considering mobile visitors when it comes to your site design. As mobile and smartphone usage continues to grow in popularity every day, this is something that you do need to be considering in the very near future.

A couple of days ago I received an email invite to a Google+ hangout regarding mobile.  Since this is something many of my clients struggle with, it was worth my time to attend. I don’t really know what my expectations were, but I was pleasantly surprised to say the least.  The presentation was to showcase a very simple tool that website owners can use to quickly create a mobile friendly version of their website.

The site being featured was GOMO, an initiative by Google. The whole process of creating the mobile friendly website using GoMo is almost easy enough for your 5 year old to do.  The tool walks you through choosing a theme, then customizing the content that’s shown, creating and featuring ways for visitors to interact with your site and business then finally giving you instructions on how to put it to use.

Is this the tool that is going to solve all of your mobile issues you’re encountering with your site?  Possibly not. However, if you’ve been considering a mobile version and aren’t sure where to start, this could be an excellent place.  If nothing else, it gives your site a mobile version to hold you over until you can have something else put together that will featured all your ideas and needs. Besides, the fact that you get FREE premium service for a full year is reason enough to try it.