A couple of days ago I was contacted by Virginia Nussey over at Bruce Clay, to be asked if I would like to be interviewed for their WebmasterRadio show, SEMSynergy. Butterflies instantly filled my stomach and I nearly had an anxiety attack. Not exactly the reaction you’d expect, so let me explain why. I’m used to being a pretty low-key person. I go about, minding my own business and I usually do not do things that draw attention to myself. Not for any other reason except that I’m not one to enjoy the spotlight.

But I decided the interview would be good for me. After all, it doesn’t hurt to step into the spotlight once in awhile right?

Virginia is such a great person and she really made the interview painless. We discussed the lasted Google algorithm change, known as Vince, and how small businesses were affected. Most of my clients are smaller businesses who target a specific segment of visitors and a big algorithm change that disrupts rankings could be devastating to their business. Fortunately that wasn’t experienced in my case and I chalk it up to a few different things:

1) Broad Terms – Not all of my clients target broad terms. Some do, but for the most part I try to stress to my clients the importance of getting rankings for targeted keyword terms that will bring qualified traffic, versus masses of traffic.

2) Optimized Content – it’s not enough to just have content on a website; that content should be optimized for a small group of keywords. The more supporting content a site can contain, the better the chances are for rankings.

3) Creating a Diverse Online Presence – I’ve spent a lot of time with my clients deciding where they want to put energy into creating their online presence. They can’t just have a website – they have to let others know they are there; and every client is different. Client A may need to just concentrate on press releases and a blog whereas it makes sense for Client B to have a presence on Twitter, Facebook, and content sharing sites.

These three things, combined with others of course, help the sites offer specific, targeted content for the users, help them become known to other web properties and gain inbound links and therefore help them rank successfully for their desired keywords. Are all of my clients ranked #1 for their terms? No but they don’t have to be. As long as they are coming up in the top 5 and receiving great qualified traffic that converts for them, they are usually pleased and don’t worry too much about the difference between position #1 and #2.

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