To SEO or Not To SEO – That is the question

Have you been contemplating whether or not to run a SEO campaign for your site? Do you need help in making a decision? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. Believe it or not, many site owners struggle with this decision. Ok, maybe not that decision exactly, it’s more like they struggle with the idea of spending a large chunk of their marketing budget on a program that virtually has no guarantees that it’ll work. Not many people want to invest thousands of dollars on something that might not benefit them at all. For some strange reason, most normal humans hate to throw away money – strange, I know.

So, let’s try this again – If you have a web site, and do any type of business on that web site, then you need to do a SEO campaign. If you already know you need to run a SEO campaign for your site, but you are struggling with the fact that every company you get a quote from basically wants your first born, don’t get discouraged. There are a lot of companies out there that offer great services, and more than likely, you will get results. What you need to be concerned with is selecting a company that has a good reputation, that does good work, and that doesn’t practice ‘black hat’ methods. The last thing you want to do is invest money thinking that you are doing the right thing for your site, and in the end all you have is an empty wallet and a web site that has been banned from the search engines. That definitely won’t get you anywhere.

So what are you to do? Here’s a simple list:

  • You Need SEO – Resign to the fact that SEO will benefit your web site. In a majority of SEO campaigns web sites are improved (cleaner code, better linking, clearer theme), and traffic will increase.
  • Research – Research your options when it comes to firms that do SEO. Look at industry sites like SEMPO, google the companies to see what is being said about them, and make sure to read both the good and bad press about a company. You don’t want to make a decision based on only ½ the story.
  • Listen to your gut – As you talk to different firms, if you get an uneasy feeling, like you are talking to that slime-ball of a used car salesman that works at the corner car lot with card board signs…chances are it’s not the right company for you.
  • Be Actively Involved – Insist on participating in the SEO campaign. Ask lots of questions and be open to learning a little bit about SEO and remember that it’s your business and no one knows your business like you do – certainly not a SEO analyst for an Internet Marketing firm.
  • Conversions and Traffic Counts – Keep an eye on your conversions and traffic counts. Make sure you are running some type of analytics on your site so you can track this type of data. If you aren’t seeing any positive progress being made, voice your concerns.
  • And lastly, Don’t expect Immediate Results – SEO is a long process. A lot of it is playing the waiting game with the search engines – waiting for them to spider the site, waiting for them to index, waiting for them to update their index, waiting to see where the site will rank once it has been indexed. For semi-competitive markets, don’t expect significant results for at least 6-9 months. For competitive markets, expect to wait a year or more before you start to see rankings on your major, high traffic keywords.
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