SEO Services

Simply Optimized’s Search Engine Optimization Services are focused on increasing the visibility of a web site within the “organic” area of a search engine results page. Our SEO Services are geared to improve the positioning of a site for a set of keywords that are targeted to the web site’s content.

Each SEO project begins with a thorough Site Analysis. Without the Site Analysis, it is hard to determine what a site needs in terms of SEO if you are going at it blindly. The Site Analysis looks at all aspects of the site including the code, the technical issues, link popularity, content and Social Media. Once the Site Analysis is complete, Simply Optimized is able to determine the right course of action needed to achieve the positioning goals and traffic numbers desired by the client.

Keyword Research is also an important part to the SEO project. Without proper keyword research, a SEO project is destined to fail miserably. By doing extensive research into the right keywords for a site to target, a SEO project will see success. It is important to look for words that best describe the site’s products or services. Targeted keywords will make it easier to supply content to support the words, whereas if you have keywords that are disconnected from the actual product or service, supplying content to support those words will be a task in itself.

Once there is a clear picture of what work needs to be done on a site, and the best keywords have been selected, Simply Optimized sets out to optimize a site by improving the site, its content and its popularity. By improving these three areas, the chances of achieving improved positions in the SERPs, and increased traffic are greater then if only one or two areas were improved.

One thing that clients of Simply Optimized enjoy are the monthly reports. We strive to have great communication with our clients and the Monthly Summary Reports are one more way of doing that. Too many times SEO companies like to keep their activies secret, but at Simply Optimized, each month our clients receive a report that details all of the work completed on their project for the previous month, along with an update of how the SEO efforts are paying off by taking a look at the site’s analytic reports.